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Noize core       Industrial   Experimental    Dark   electronic

For over a decade Reverend Steve Warner has experimented with sound scapes ,he has contact micked all sorts of objects as well as maintains a steady amount of new noise; noise terror gothic/noise I have put up this page to tell you all of my video projects that now add up to alot of footage...and the tunes are up on I use to showcase my tunes............       ds2us              there are videos at    and the reverend steve is in    ds2us I welcome all questions coments. I wear a skull mask a spiked soot and I am a classic horror movie come to life.all music is improv. all words are heart felt from years of living....I walk a diffrent path look at it or look away....know it or listen to the noise in your head...One love I have is basic programming of a T.I.99/4a computer from the early 80's and circuit bending toys to be musical instruments. also Reverend steve warner is founding the 50cc gang a gang of mopedrrrs. They are to begin shooting a movie with peterberough and port dover  and motorcycle enthusiests scooter riders and hopefuly the moped army.

check out the tunes:

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NEWS about DS 2 US
There is a show happening may 9th, Ds 2 us will be opening. Its at the trash doors open at 10

THERE is a new song on
ZZ Error is a song I have uploaded it is
industrial check it out...
there is a noize core site that I run if ya want to know more about noize industrial....ect.

music is being updated on

there will be songs from a live DVD

Currently working on more music 

videos are constant

 sitting on

musics herd on

recorded some more tunes with charrrd ultar

video for police state

Live shows beeing discussed

art show in T.O.  this spring/summer

introducing   a new instrument for DS      the stick

intro-the stick man

ds 2 us play alot of instument and even has to make some new ones up..


you can spy vids at search charrrd or



NOIZE CORE                                                                     NOISE

                                     NOISE                      NOIZE



                                              DS 2 US

If ya hear a noise beat that,if ya hear no noise your noizeless world will scream to a hult.....AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGggggggaaw.noizecore
Noisecore NOIZ no oi z

DS 2 US plays

circuit bent SK-1    x     2

circuit bent casio mt240

Roland S10   sampling keyboard

fruity loops 3.something

vantage/bc rich/takimine electric

sound clips from movies

a stick with two strings/and bow

kids sampling toys

Ibanez modulation delay 2 and 3

DOD   G7(that was sent back from digitech with a note "this unit has susstained catistrophic damage, and will never work again" I went to circuit bend it and now I use it...)

Blown speakers

home sterio amps


meat tenderizer

holloween masks


vocal cords


pre-recorded pigs in a slaughter house gang bang.

dripping blood in dank allies

graveyard howls sreams moans and other unearthly

If ya want to talk to DS 2 uS

you can e-mail

or go to  and  send a message or become a friend in my friends list you can talk or send messages


The show was a all out fest of anger...
Thanx to tose of you that saw the listening to trent radio for an interview of ds2us after the show. Thanx also to nightfall,starfall,charrrd ultar,Technological Regression, and the trash for hosting us all.

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Lugar Recordings DS 2 US 2005